Importance of Nutritional Supplements

More or less, we all already use super nutritional supplements not even realizing that fact.

It is more problematic that we are not aware of how important it is to know how to consume them in order to get the most and the best of them.

Who is not overloaded nowadays? Life has become a race against time; many times, there is not enough time and energy for all the commitments, which we have loaded on our shoulders.

Unfortunately, there is no magic button, which could bring us more time, which would resolve stress and health issues, which would solve our health problems overnight.

Yet, there are natures best all around us that offer amazing super nutritional supplements for our health. We just have to open our minds, to learn, and to reap what Mother Nature offers.

Main Reasons Why We All Should Take Good Health Supplements

Every day our healthy nutrition should provide to us all quality nourishing substances, which we need for being fit and healthy to be able to overcome all psychical and physical efforts:

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Proteins
  • Fat-fatty acids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Probiotics
  • Clean Living Water and more …

Modern lifestyle with improper nourishment – skipping meals, fast food – is the main reason for taking various dietary supplements. Most time we spend at work or somewhere on the road, always battling against time and suffering from stress.

So to speak, such organic supplements are prepared from everything that grows in nature resp. they are products of natural substances, which are usually a base for concentrated supplements.

The second reason for taking super nutritional supplements is in mass nutrition itself. Many types of research show that food, which is produced nowadays, contains many pesticides and is short of nutritious substances.

In the last two decades has the amount of good required nutrients in nourishment reduced even for 80%. For instance, phosphorus has almost disappeared from bananas, spinach comprises only just 32% of magnesium, 33% of it has vanished from potatoes.

Moreover, due to over intensive agricultural production is the soil exhausted, polluted with herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and there are almost no minerals left.
Even if you are on a solely organic raw food diet, you should take super nutritional supplements at least occasionally. Unfortunately, even such a healthy diet cannot completely fulfill all the needs of our bodies to overcome the unhealthy influences of our environment such as air pollution, bad water, various radiations; and our bad habits like smoking, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and a lot more.

The Basic Classification

Nowadays there are many nutritional health supplements available and choosing the right one is not so simple task.
Super nutritional supplements can be divided into two groups:

  • Natural dietary supplements – made of natural food sources
  • Artificial dietary supplements – synthetic

Natural food supplements are made of natural food sources such as cold-pressed oils, algae, seeds, herbs, probiotics..

Artificial or synthetic supplements are made in labs and are an only approximation to natural supplements.

Which are Better, Natural, or Artificial Nutritional Supplements?

There are different scientific opinions. Some scientists absolutely speak in favor of all-natural products, in most cases, those are natural herbal supplements like herbal extracts, tinctures, and powders.

Again, others recommend both resps. they even argue for synthetic substances. Most often, we are talking about vitamin supplements such as artificial water-soluble vitamins C, B, and folates; and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Besides there are many different mineral supplements, most known and used are magnesium, iron, manganese, and selenium.

All such artificial super nutritional supplements are prepared and packed in different shapes like tablets, pastilles, capsules, tinctures, powders, dust, ampoules, syrups, and similar what enables consumption of small quantity units.

In any case, we recommend organically grown vegan superfoods and natural whole food supplements, which you can use in healthy recipes for all-natural smoothies and juices as well. With natural super nutritional supplements, you can improve their taste, and even more important, you can improve their nutritional value.

We think the following: The best are cheap vitamins in natural shapes, which are grown in the neighborhood environment. Garlic powder is OK, but it cannot be as beautiful as fresh garlic from an organic vegetable garden. And why buying coconut water when having a coco palm in front of a house?

Amazing Health Benefits of Proper Health Supplements

So-called super nutrients are an important part of a natural self-healing process. With them we can achieve many positive effects:

  • An easier body balance reestablishment
  • A better body resistance
  • Strengthening and maintaining the immune system
  • Better prevention against various contagious chronic diseases and stress reduction
  • Improvement of the common state of health
  • With fat blockers help, we can lose weight the healthy way
  • With anti-aging supplements, we are aging slower
  • The right combination of super nutritional supplements and medicaments can ease or even cure different illnesses

Groups of People that Especially Need Dietary Supplements

Healthy persons with healthy eating and living habits normally do not need to take them. They should take vitamin supplements (multivitamins), mineral supplements, etc. only occasionally, when they are infected when they put extra effort when they are extremely overburdened, etc.

Nevertheless, long-years researches prove that nowadays due to already known reasons almost everybody should take super nutritional supplements to enrich impoverished nutrition.

Because of different reasons, the following groups of people are even more vulnerable:

  • Elderly people – nutrition for the elderly is too many times a synonym for poor nutrition. Besides, they face many different health problems, they take many medicaments, many times they have chewing and swallowing problems.
  • Teen-agers – the unhealthy combination of computers, lack of exercise, and fast food in teen nutrition, needs minerals, and vitamin supplements for balanced and healthy development.
  • Babies and children – for growing healthy and strong vitamin supplements A and D and mineral supplements iron and fluorine, under a pediatrician’s supervision, mostly should be added.
  • People on different diets – diets always narrow nutrition variety and therefore they cause low body immunity and resistance. For this reason, diets are acceptable only for convincing healthy people and not for people with a weak state of health, like sick people, elderly people, and children.

In any case, when dieting for whatever reason, you should closely control your reactions, and consult your doctor. You should diet healthy with a help of needed diet supplements.

  • People on raw vegan diet – the most well-known deficiency caused by this diet is lack of vitamin B 12, lack of iron, and zinc. In order to prevent and maintain health raw vegans should take various vitamin and mineral supplements.
  • People with abnormally low body weight – due to many different reasons, there are more and more people with too low weight and they cannot gain it back. A positive result may be expected with the weight gain supplements.

In any case, people with such a problem need to get to substantial-quality proteins, organic vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates without burdening a stomach badly.

Whole food supplements can provide the vital nutrients. A combination of different super nutritional supplements such as protein supplements and the best vitamin supplements can do the job too.

  • Sick people – due to illness and therapies people cannot consume sufficient food quantity. Moreover, their digestion and metabolism is changed and therefore they cannot stand certain kinds of food. Because of that, dieticians must find easier digestible forms of nutrients of the same kind, and many times alternative health supplements are the right choice.
  • For instance: It is very important to include sufficient nutritional health supplements into cancer nutrition. Fighting cancer and nutrition are closely related since poor nutrition results in aggravated healing and complications, a reduced therapeutic effect, and a decreased efficiency of a specific oncologic treatment.
  • Athlete nutrition – sports supplements such as creatine supplements are very important part of sports nutrition for professional and recreational athletes. They enable complete and quick body regeneration, which is essential for sports nutrition and health.


  • Bodybuilders and weightlifters – sport supplements are extremely important for weightlifter bodies and even more for bodybuilders. Their nutrition is an important industry and bodybuilding supplements are its essential part.

A bodybuilding diet is very strict. For muscle building, they have to take testosterone boosters and the best protein supplements. The natural best whey protein, which is available also as whey protein powder, is a great muscle building supplement.

In addition, successful body forming is not possible without a fat burner. By all means, natural dietary supplements are a vital part of a body-building nutrition diet, which is a base of success.

Appropriate Consumption is Extremely Important

You must be aware that usage of inappropriate nutrition supplements or inappropriate usage of appropriate nutritional health supplements does not bring positive effects. Moreover, a result can be negative and sometimes even dangerous. You must consider some important facts:

  • First of all, prior to the usage of super nutritional supplements read and then follow the instructions carefully.
  • For chronic patients, for kids and for all, who must take any kind of medicaments due to illness it is very wise to study the effect and the substances of the health supplement prior the usage.

For example: Gingko Biloba is perfect for memory strengthening, it accelerates blood flow, it helps maintain the elasticity of veins and arteries. It helps even in Alzheimer’s disease, yet, it is not appropriate for the people who take medicaments against blood clotting.

  • To take better advantage of a multivitamin supplement you must consume it with certain food. For example: Together with fat-soluble vitamin supplements you should consume some fat such as cold-pressed oil.
  • Even the best super nutritional supplements cannot efficiently do their job if you consume them with coffee or other caffeine-rich drinks such as tea. Caffeine obstructs absorption of manganese, potassium, zinc, copper, and vitamins A, B, and C.
  • You should not drink any caffeine-rich drink 15 minutes prior and 15 minutes after the usage of a vitamin and mineral supplement. The best it is to take such super nutritional supplements with clean, room temperature water.
  • In case that you have problems with swallowing tablets since they are too big, you should re-consider using multivitamins and minerals for kids. You only should check the recommended dosage.
  • You must be aware of the fact that you will have to take most super nutritional supplements for quite some time to notice the results in your feeling and appearance.

Sadly but truly, we all usually start to react when it is almost too late when we are already sick and exhausted. You cannot push and expect a quick positive result with an overdose. In such a way you do yourself a bad favor, you simply cannot put out a fire with a watering bucket.


Are you allergic or intolerant to particular foods? Do you take certain medications on a regular or a periodical basis? When taking any kind of super nutritional supplements together with medicaments you have to be very careful.

You have to make sure that they do not act contrary to the prescribed medicament or that the combination of both does not annihilate the medicament effect or even intensify it. You must carefully read and follow the instructions and as necessary consult your doctor.
This is upgraded with chronic tiredness, lack of exercise, and sleep; all results in the decay of our immune system. Viral and bacterial infections are therefore more likely to occur and that usually leads to illness.

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